Community & Pro Bono

As part of the high ethical standards the firm lives by, we take great pride in supporting and serving the community and Israeli society. The various community activities and pro bono work to which the firm is dedicated, are part of our vision for a better society, and of our contribution to the community. 


·     Yoram Raved was a member of the “farm team”, comprising of the closest advisors to the late Prime Minister Of Israel, Mr. Ariel Sharon. At the request of Ariel Sharon, Mr. Raved acted as the chairman of the negotiation team appointed on 2004 for the establishment of the governmental coalition and thereafter incorporated, the political party "Kadima". Currently, Mr Raved is acting as the chairman of "Arik- The Ariel Sharon Assosiation for Leadership", established by The President Of Israel Mr. Shimon Peres and others to commemorate the memory of Ariel Sharon. 


·    Each year the firm provides scholarships to excelling students from the Tel-Aviv University's Faculty of Law, who come from a low socioeconomic background, yet have the potential of being tomorrow's leading attorneys.


·    The firm is the sponsor of the "Law and Book Club", a unique program of the Tel-Aviv University's Faculty of Law, allowing public debates between recognized Israeli writers and Israeli jurists on various topics.   


·   The firm takes an active part in, and contributes to, the "Shiur Acher" community project, where members of the firm's legal team lecture junior school classes on various legal aspects. At the end of the project, a mock trial and a visit to Israeli courts are arranged for the students, with the assistance of the firm's volunteers. 


·  The firm provides pro-bono legal services and contributes to Ezer Mizion, the Israel Health Support Organization. Ezer Mizion is one of the largest non-profit organizations in Israel, offering an extensive range of medical and social support services to help Israel's sick, disabled, elderly and underprivileged populations, including programs for children with special needs, cancer patients, the elderly, and terror victims. 


·    Our firm contributes regularly to Yeladim – Fair Chance for Children, a volunteer organization founded in order to help children in residential group homes, in coordination with and under the supervision of the Child and Adolescent Department of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Services.